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LeapDriveOnline is a social exploration game. You control a ship that navigates through a region of space called The Maelstrom. Ship navigation is similar to controlling a unit in an action RPG: you control the movement of the ship, firing your weapons and activating systems that give you special abilities.

The Maelstrom

The Maelstrom is composed of thousands of inhabitable pockets (called Cells), where ships are protected from the radiation emitted by The Core of The Maelstrom. Each trip into The Maelstrom consists of exploring a Path of cells through Portals that connect them to adjacent Cells. A few of these cells contain a special spatial structure called a Beacon. Once you have found a Beacon, your ship's leap drive can lock onto it and add it to your library. At this point your ship can begin a new trip from that Cell. As you explore the Maelstrom you'll discover more Beacons and be able work your way to the core of The Maelstrom.

Your ship

As you venture deeper into The Maelstrom, the ships and challenges you face will increase in difficulty. LeapDriveOnline has a rich ship construction system that will let you research, customize and improve your ship over time. Different ship hulls contain bays for hardpoints, system and factory components.

Social exploration

Social Exploration is the concept of combining procedurally generated content with modern social tools to share a unique world among a community of players. Every few months a new Maelstrom is procedurally generated on the server. The path to the core, the location of artifacts, enemies, and beacon cells are all unique for that instance, but the same for everyone playing that instance. LeapDriveOnline has a set of built in tools for sharing and tracking each players trips into the Maelstrom, and those paths can be shared however the player wishes. To encourage sharing and to help build an economy of exploration, if another player follows a path that you have published, then you will receive a fuel bonus - which will allow you to make even more trips into the Maelstrom.